The Field Kitchen

22nd March 2018


Our Nourish season continues with Shop Smart – Cook Smart’ which takes an inspired look at seasonal eating and sourcing top quality ingredients.

Why not learn while you eat? In this workshop-style dining event, elite sports coach Richard Smith (MSc Sport & Exercise Science) sorts nutrition fact from fiction.

You can expect a healthful seasonal tasting menu and plenty of group discussion. Come along with any nutrition questions or problems you’d like to explore. After the event, you’ll also receive tips and recipes from the evening.

Richard will be leading the discussion with a focus on:

  • discovering how you can embed healthy eating behaviour changes into your daily lifestyle
  • how to shop smart and source quality ingredients while ensuring sustainability and minimising environmental impact
  • seasonal eating which offers variety, value for money and fun
  • store cupboard essentials for healthy eating
  • preparing and cooking food for maximum nutrition while minimising kitchen time
  • micronutrients and key ingredients for health

This promises to be another fun and lively evening! Attend on your own, if that suits –  this is a friendly, participative event for anyone with an interest in learning more about healthy eating and optimum nutrition.

If you have particular dietary requirements, just let us know when you book, and we’ll ensure you have a menu that works perfectly for you.

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About Nourish

Nourish is shaping up to be a regular event at The Field Kitchen with the third evening scheduled for 17th May. In Healthy Family Food Outdoors, we’ll explore healthy eating to boost energy during the summer months and ways to involve all the family.