The Field Kitchen

1st October 2019

October through November

Our latest exhibition by photographer Matt Paish features images from North Korea, India, Myanmar and Hong Kong. Matt took this selection of photos while on a two-year adventure, spanning 17 countries. Living out of a backpack, one of his few possessions at the time was a camera.

A few shots were taken in North Korea; a place often characterised by what is concealed rather than what is on view. These photos are candid, captured in natural light, and some taken from a distance. A couple are even shot ‘from the hip’ to avoid detection.

The presence of shadows and silhouettes is a recurring theme, playing on the dichotomy between the visible and the concealed.

MOMENTS KEPT is inspired by the idea that unremarkable moments can be rendered remarkable by a photograph. There’s often an abrupt, disordered relationship between the story and the storyteller.

Matt’s images have featured in national newspapers and magazines including Vice Magazine, What Digital Camera, National Geographic Traveller, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Times. In 2017, he exhibited at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow, sharing wall space with Martin Parr and Eric Lafforgue.

Matt is also a co-founder of video production company Jooka (, based at Glove Factory Studios.

Moments Kept can be viewed at The Field Kitchen until 30th November.