The Field Kitchen

3rd February 2017

8am - 9am

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With the rise of a more visual generation where emoticons are becoming shorthand for emotion, is the power of the word waning?

From FutureBrand to Moving Brands, NatWest to Wagamama, Kendra has helped some of the best in the business choose their words carefully.

Specialising in tone of voice creation, naming and digital copy, Kendra works both in-house for design and branding agencies and directly with clients, often running internal workshops and directly helping people to better their in-house communications. With over 15 years’ experience working in and around the UK design industry, she knows better than most that what we say and how we say it matters.

Kendra believes that words need to be chosen more carefully today than ever before and that written language is as important as our evolving visual shorthand. The right words do still animate, quicken and invigorate meaning. And today, creative industries are increasingly joining forces to create powerful messages through wonderful compositions of words and images.

We look forward to welcoming wordsmiths, designers, marketeers, in fact all business owners to join us on Friday 3rd February to hear Kendra explain more about her view on the future of words and to open up a debate on why words matter.