The Field Kitchen

6th January 2017

8am - 9am

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We are excited to welcome back Jo Emerson who recently launched her debut book, Flying For Beginners. So many of us lack self-belief, and most don’t know why. Jo is a confidence coach and excels at helping people to rediscover their mojo. Through her own life experiences, Jo understands how life can knock us down but we can all choose to get up.

Jo likes to keep it real, she doesn’t believe in fluff. Her approach to coaching is a conversation with an aim to get to the truth. Her valuable coaching sessions, seminars, lunch time tasters, one day workshops and now her new book can all help you if you’re crippled by low self-esteem or if you simply have annoying moments of self-doubt. Investing time with Jo will help you understand the link between your thoughts and your reality.

If you’re ready to give up old patterns of thought and behaviour, to overcome anxiety and to reach your potential, come and meet Jo to learn more.

You can buy the paperback or Kindle version of Flying For Beginners here.